14 nov 2019

get to know us

The Danish Composers’ Society is an association for those who are working in an uncompromising way with music and sound as an artistic medium.

Artistic experiments that are fuelled by curiosity and bolstered by courage and that seek challenges on the borderlines call for special working conditions; it is precisely these conditions that Danish Composers’ Society plays a role in bringing about.

Through dialogue and events, we are also working for greater visibility of the social value of art music and for children and young people to get acquainted with art music at school, in the media and in public more than they do today.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

As a member of the Danish Composers’ Society you find yourself standing right in the middle of Danish cultural history and with its more than 100 years, our composers’ association is the oldest in all the Nordic countries.

Today, it is a more vibrant and active association than it has ever been before and the membership base ranges from the classical score music creators to audio-visual works, live performance, electronica and sound art.

In that way, the Danish Composers’ Society supports and works for the whole experimental music milieu, from the individual artist’s first ruminations to the work’s exposure to the world.


As a member, you become part of a unique artistic community that spans across different generations and genres.

You can apply for support of your work as a composer e.g. travel grants, work stipends, reimbursement of production costs, and in the form of support for legal and professional assistance.

Moreover, the Danish Composers’ Society offers a series of networks, activities and workshops, and you can apply for a sojourn in one of our composers’ residencies.

A network with many genres

Sound installations, music drama, Sound art, orchestral music, chamber music, vocal music, performance, electronica, sound design, music for films, experimental jazz, multimedia and opera are just some of the many genres that our members work within.